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frumpy emo girls
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77, =w=, adam & the ants, adam green, against me!, akron/family, al green bitch, american splendor, anorexia sucks, anti-folk, autolux, badfinger, being chubby, being frumpy, ben folds, ben kweller, ben lee, bent leg fatima, bikini kill, bill evans, bishop allen, bjork, blanche, blondie, blood brothers, blur, bob dylan, brian jonestown massacre sux, brinsley schwarz, brown pants, built to spill, calexico, camera obscura, captain beefheart, cars can be blue, cat power, coffee, coffee & cigarettes, conan o'brien, dead kennedys, death by chocolate, deerhoof, dirty sanchez (the band), donovan, elf power, elliott smith, emitt rhodes, evan dando, found magazine, french kicks, frump, frumpy, frumpy emo girls, galactic heroes, go sailor, guided by voices, harmony korine, hayden, huggy bear, idlewild, iggy pop, indie, interpol, jack kerouac, jaguarz, jim jarmusch, johnny boy, jose feliciano, joseph arthur, karate, kathleen hannah, kelly hogan, ken boothe, laakso, ladytron, le tigre, leonard cohen, lou reed, luna, marshall crenshaw, mazzy star, mcsweeney's, meat puppets, mojave 3, nedelle, neil halstead, nick drake, nico, pete & pete, polaris, polaroid cameras, power pop, pulp, regina spektor, richie havens, roy orbison, rushmore, ryan adams, scarfs, scene boys, silver jews, skinny boys, slant 6, smog, sonic youth, spike jonze, spoon, stan getz, straight edge is "jockish", strangers with candy, superchunk, taj mahal, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the decemberists, the exploding hearts, the fall, the gossip, the jam, the ladybug transistor, the lemonheads, the magnetic fields, the mountain goats, the oranges band, the pillows, the pixies, the shins, the specials, the strokes, the toadies, the toasters, the undertones, the unicorns, the velvet underground, the walkmen, the white stripes, the who, the word "deck", the word "nifty", tobin sprout, tom waits, tullycraft, tv on the radio, twee, upright citizens brigade, vhs or beta, walker kong, wes anderson, yo la tengo